Kate taking a dog training class.

Where are your classes held?
Our group classes are held at Point Lonsdale Primary School Hall (Across the road from the school entrance at 22 Bowen Road, Point Lonsdale). Our Out & About classes are held in across various locations on the Bellarine Peninsula including at beaches and parks.

I have just bought home a new puppy. Can I bring them to classes?
We would love for you and your new family member to join our classes! Our classes are suitable for puppies from 16 weeks of age (with completed vaccinations). Before joining us, we highly recommend you join a puppy pre-school that focuses on socialisation which is critical to their development in the first 16 weeks of a puppy’s life. Contact us for recommended puppy pre-schools in your area.

My dog is older. Can I still join classes?
Yes. Despite the saying, you definitely can train an old dog and we have had dogs of all ages and stages join us for classes. If your dog has already received basic training, we have intermediate and advanced class options available. We may ask you to join our beginners class first so we can assess your dog’s abilities before moving them into the more advanced levels.

My dog doesn’t like other dogs and/or people. Can I still join classes?
For dogs displaying fearful or reactive behaviour, we recommend our Individual Consultation package. During the initial session, we can assess the dogs and implement a behavioural modification plan to help dogs feel more safe and comfortable. During our follow up session (included in the consult package) we can assess the progress and make any changes to the plan. We have a complimentary class included in this package but can convert this to credit for a private lesson if we and/or you feel that your dog won’t be suited for classes. For more information, please see our Services page.

My dog behaves well at home, but gets distracted on walks. Can you help me with this?
Don’t worry – you’re not alone! We find this is one of the most common issues dog owner face. The good news is, our group classes, Out & About classes and private lessons will all help improve your dog’s focus and help make walks more enjoyable.

My dog’s recall is great until there’s another dog. Can you help fix this?
There’s nothing better than calling your dog and having the confidence they will come back (with enthusiasm). Our group classes or Out & About classes include creating a reliable recall in our dogs.

Do you offer dog walking?
No. We do not offer dog walking as part of our services. We are more than happy to point you in the right direction if you are currently looking for a dog walker or doggy daycare service around the Bellarine Peninsula or Geelong.

Can you guarantee results?
While we do see improvement in the dogs we work with, we will never offer a guarantee of results. This is because rely on a number of variables. Your dog’s genetics and early learning can have a huge impact on training (an 8 week old puppy never arrives home as a blank slate). We also find that results vary depending on how much time and effort our clients are able to dedicate to training – the more patience, consistency and practice our clients have, the better the outcome.

What is your approach to training?
Our most important goal is to make dog training fun for both dog and owner. We take a LIMA – “Least Intrustive, Minimally Aversive” approach to training. This means that we emphasise motivation and learning through positive reinforcement and management of the dog’s environment. We do use gentle and appropriate corrections (such as a verbal “Ah Ah”) to interrupt dogs behaviours, but the LIMA approach aims to minimise the circumstances in which a dog requires these interruptions.

What training equipment do you use?
We use a variety of training tools and these may vary. We believe that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to training. The training tools used depends on the needs of the dog and their handler. Our preference is for training treats, leash, long line for recall (not retractable leads), flat collars, front attaching harnesses, haltis, and martingales.